Dog Tags For Pets & Vets

Why would veterinarians need dog tags?


So they can sell quality dog tags for pets at a profit in store?

Maybe to use for Id for pets after they’ve received treatment?

Or maybe it’s so they can help return lost pets to their owners?


The answer is all the above!

And here’s why…


pet id tags in a magazine


This is a Magazine.

Inside a magazine contains pages and pages of things to buy your pet and you don’t need to be a vet to know how to operate one.

Magazines make millions in profits every year despite being in a dying industry….

So what can a vet learn from a magazine?

Well let me ask you this….

Did you ever play Paws & Claws – Pet Vet?

You win the game not by simply knowing the treatment but by being organised and helping the pet get better as fast as possible.


AND, you make a load of money in the process.

See an overlooked quality in many veterinarians is to have organisational skills…

And this is where pet id tags come in useful.

Engraved dog id tags with treatment information can help systemize your process which makes things more efficient.

This way you can keep track of each pet’s medication simply by clipping on an id tag. Then once recovered, take off and use for the next customer.

They also make a great gift and a way to secure new customers.

Id tags for pets are cheap especially if you buy in bulk.

But why would you ever buy in bulk you ask?

Well this is a great way to boost profits! By adding another income stream to your business simply by selling pet id tags individually at a mark up, is a fast and easy way to increase your earnings. After all, customers trust their vet.

By simply adding a personalized id tag to your customers pet next time they come to pick up their loved one after a treatment, you not only show them you care but are willing to go the extra mile to make the owner happy as well.

Start doing this and we guarantee you will start seeing a surge in repeat customers.

And…. if you’re looking for a more techy solution than cheap pet id tags, watch the video below and cash in on an upcoming trend!

So to all the vets reading this…

Good luck.